Flexi Friday: Why do we need our hips open?

Do you ever wonder why in the world would you need to have open hips? I mean, every body talk about hip openers in the yoga community and in sports some talk about hips mobility. Today is flexi Friday so I will approach that topic. Open hips.
So there are different scenarios and different needs.


21 Day Move Project is on!

I’m excited that you join me for 21 days in a row to make our body more flexible and strong. the reason why I created this 21 day Move project it is because most of us happen to have a very busy life.


Flexi Friday: Stretch it out!

In the fitness and sport industry, a stretching routine is part of the training plan or fitness program, either as a warm up or a cool down, the stretching routine is there to protect the joints from injury and keep the