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Fitness tips: Ball slams therapy

Since I landed in America I have been having a bit of a struggle adapting to a different lifestyle, a different way of living and eating. Long distances, cities full of SAD food and gyms crowed with machines. I finally found a proper place to train strength and conditioning with weights. I thought that the topic of emotional therapy will fit perfectly in my next blogpost.

Fitness, Workouts

Fitness routine: Dumbbell thursters-burpees workout

Sunday afternoon I decided to give you an amazing workout for your fitness routine of this week: Dumbbell thursters and…burpees. These two insane moves will make you strong, shredded and they will make you sweat like hell. They will improve your core stability and strength.
Dumbbell thursters work major leg muscles and arms.


Fitness Home Routine: Total Body HIIT workout

A HIIT or high Intensity Interval Training is a circuit of exercises in a certain speed or intensity. It is very popular because you work your butt off and you finish with a feeling that you have made something for your body. It is easy and it has no equipment. You can incorporate a HIIT workout in your week training plan if you lack of time and equipment and your fitness goal is to burn calories.