Wanderlust 108 Vienna: Find your true North

This Sunday finally took place the mindful triathlon fromWanderlust 108 in Vienna.
For those who still are new to the American festival concept, Wanderlust 108 brings 3 mindful activities to the lovely participants: Running, Yoga and Meditation. The event is a celebration of mindful movement. And have also side events.


Ways to handle your food cravings

Well let’s talk about food and cravings. We all have food cravings at some point, right?
I remember I always had cravings when I was a teen and when I was emotional unbalanced. I still do.


Recipe: meatless tacos

I feel in my element when I use the word: tacos. I know my way I prepare tacos has evolved. I can eat meatless lettuce tacos or corn tortilla tacos. This recipe is focus in having all the nutrients and vitamins for the body whilst the need to reset it.
I always try to have the more simple and healthy way possible.