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Spring alkaline cleanse: Reset 7

So today is finally the spring equinox! so excited, it is one of the best seasons to make a cleanse in life. For some or most of us it means to clean up the closet, pack the winter clothes and storage them somewhere else but the closet, maybe the garage… the reason is  to make space for fresh, light spring clothes and…energy.

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Fitness goals: Macros, macros, macros!

So you have written down your fitness goals for this year, you are motivated and have already made all the plans to train daily or at least 3 times a week. You have a new gym membership and you have the trendy adidas, nike, under armour and Co. sport clothes for your workout selfies.


Healthy recipes for 2017 that you must try

Don’t you find yourself sometimes running out of healthy food recipe ideas? It happens to me often, maybe it is because most of the recipes take to long and have so many ingredients or maybe because most of them ar

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Kettlebell workout series: Legs and glutes

The kettlebell workout series are here! We start our 4-WEEKS kettlebell workout. Consider them as a Christmas fitness gift from me to you guys because you are awesome and I love to help in any possible way to your fitness goals and journey.
One kettlebell or any weight object from home you can handle for these workouts.
10 minutes of your time.


Skipping rope workout circuit

Skipping rope is not one of my favorites, why? Because who likes to feel uncomfortable, feeling like you are gonna die or your legs will fall apart or your heart is going to explote.