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We all EVOlve

We all evolve. I started moving my body in a regular basis late in life. The most comfortable way to start was Hatha Yoga which is considered not really moving. I remember I hated running I would do it only at home in my treadmill.
When I arrived to Vienna I discovered I WAS MADE TO MOVE daily. Since then I haven’t stop.

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Fitness routine: Core strength with gymnastic rings at Evo

This blog post is the first of 2018, I am excited and feeling a bit warm in my heart, I thought it will be pretty nice to share an awesome fitness routine with gymnastic rings for core strength.
  The couple months I have them dedicated to my Instagram handle; I even joined #30dayyogaliving leaded by Kino Yoga and his online company Omstars. I add this short practices to my hypertrophy training.

Events, Workouts

Wanderlust Vienna: Get Fit for the triathlon (GIVE AWAY)

The popular Wanderlust has made it to Vienna. The festival this year is happening also in Vienna and it is all about mindful running, yoga and meditation. I find the combo so great, starting early in the morning with a 5k Run following with a 75 minutes yoga in the open air of the Augarten Park, to cool down and close the triathlon with a 30 minutes meditation.