Recipe: Vegan Mango Lassi

So long I have not share a recipe on live healthily ever after. I guess the fact that I am not a cook, when I cook I do it really raw, nothing styling or fancy like the lifestyle bloggers. True is I have no time or patience for it, I am one of those persons that when I eat it is because I am hungry and I cannot wait to set up a food styling scenario for you guys.

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Recipe: Alkaline Green Smoothie

You are in a hurry and need a quick and healthy green smoothie and you think of alkaline ingredients in the recipe. Since I arrived to Vienna I started to enjoy the benefits of having a fitness and lifestyle coach as a husband. He introduced me to the green smoothies books from the Boutenko raw family.

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DIY Protein Shake…and it’s vegan!

For those who like to add supplements to food intake for “gains” here is a recipe to make your own magical powders. So why people on the gym take protein shakes while training? Proteins are also used to create hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and immune-system components.


Food bucket list: Green smoothies

I am so excited to present my number #1 LHEA food bucket list post; I, like most of the people, enjoy very much food, I have been trying to put together my experiences in visiting amazing places in Austria, basically in