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Fitness routine: Core strength with gymnastic rings at Evo

This blog post is the first of 2018, I am excited and feeling a bit warm in my heart, I thought it will be pretty nice to share an awesome fitness routine with gymnastic rings for core strength.
  The couple months I have them dedicated to my Instagram handle; I even joined #30dayyogaliving leaded by Kino Yoga and his online company Omstars. I add this short practices to my hypertrophy training.


Meditation: A range of possibilities

If never have had the experience of meditation and want to but do not know how to start and which style is the one for you, continue reading maybe my own experience can give you a glimpse of where direction to take.


Mobility routine: I feel alive when I move

I just watched Ido Portal’s just move movie by London Real TV and by watching the practices and listening Brian narrating his perspective I felt connected. Suddenly, eureka, I felt again: This is it. I remember the first time I talked to Ido, he gave me an interview that obviously he guided and made it valuable. While we were talking, he asked about me and my life.