Mobility routine: I feel alive when I move

I just watched Ido Portal’s just move movie by London Real TV and by watching the practices and listening Brian narrating his perspective I felt connected. Suddenly, eureka, I felt again: This is it. I remember the first time I talked to Ido, he gave me an interview that obviously he guided and made it valuable. While we were talking, he asked about me and my life.


Cossack squat: Best hip mobility ever

When your training call for hip mobility; you are ready to hit some hip extensions, some hinges and squats but you find out you need to work in your mobility to get that training going and progressing.  Cossack squat is the best drill for hip mobility.
Flexi Friday brings you the cossack squat.

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Pre workout warm up routine

The body needs preparation for the movements and more when we add extra weight to it. The blood should circulate, the body temperature must rise. Greasing the joints makes the movements go smooth and strong.