Fitness in a bowl recipes

Eating in a bowl is the new black. I know, I know, I might misused the play of words. But you get the idea. To eat in a bowl has become trendy, I guess for its functionality, everything in one plate.
I, myself like to eat very quick and practical that I do not care about the looks as much as other bloggers do. I find the recipes super easy to make and totally healthy and  satisfying.

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Recipe: Selfmade grain free protein granola cereal

Granola cereal is not one of my common breakfast.  But sometimes I crave some of a crunchy and sweet taste protein cereal made of granola. I normally eat it with warm almond milk or coconut yogurt with berries. This recipe is really easy to make and it can be storaged in your kitchen for craving times like mine, or for daily breakfast if you like.

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Recipe: Vegan Acai Bowl

The reason why acai berries have been so trendy between the healthy foodies is because there are some researches about the great benefits the acai berries do to your body.