Fitness tips: Books that changed my lifestyle

I love books, before I became an active living freak I used to go to the book store and look for the latest book, mostly on wellness, and I was always leaving the shop with at least 2 books in my hand and an empty pocket. My favorite place to read books was my old couch, the beach and a cozy coffee shop that is around the corner where I used to live in Mexico.

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Recipe: Alkaline Green Smoothie

You are in a hurry and need a quick and healthy green smoothie and you think of alkaline ingredients in the recipe. Since I arrived to Vienna I started to enjoy the benefits of having a fitness and lifestyle coach as a husband. He introduced me to the green smoothies books from the Boutenko raw family.


Is Raw Food diet for you?

Raw food is a diet based basically  in raw vegetables and fruits, you can warm it up or cook up to 48°C.
It is interesting how raw food diet has been developed during the years.