Recipe: Vegan Mango Lassi

So long I have not share a recipe on live healthily ever after. I guess the fact that I am not a cook, when I cook I do it really raw, nothing styling or fancy like the lifestyle bloggers. True is I have no time or patience for it, I am one of those persons that when I eat it is because I am hungry and I cannot wait to set up a food styling scenario for you guys.

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My favorite plant milk recipes

Hey guys! I am back blogging, the reason I have been a bit to much absent is because I am working in the future project and program for you to get. But here I am back again with a great topic and it is plant milk with extra bonus the recipes from the ones I find simple and tasty.
Well, I have tried at home the almond milk, oatmeal milk and the cashew nut.


My impressions on Raw food: Victoria Boutenko

When I just moved to Austria, I had the opportunity to be a raw foodist for half a year. My hubby got me all the un cooking tools to facilitate the process. I have in the kitchen the vitamix, the cold pressed green juice and the biggest version of the dehydrator from excalibur.


Is Raw Food diet for you?

Raw food is a diet based basically  in raw vegetables and fruits, you can warm it up or cook up to 48°C.
It is interesting how raw food diet has been developed during the years.