Food bucket list: Sacher Torte Von Walden

Today I had time to play city and shopped around with my beloved one. We visit some green shops looking for tracking sneakers and city sneakers at Terra Plana which is known for their barefoot shoes, then we went visit Grüne Erde for some organic clothes and home stuff.

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Paleo Lebkuchen

You know christmas is around the corner when you see the Lebkuchen (Xmas cookies) everywhere.
This weekend I was at Sonnentor organic shop getting my matcha, when I saw this delicious Lebkuchen! aka gingerbread cookies.

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Paleo Sushi special

Paleo sushi is a version without rice and with cauliflower. Cauliflower is a great food for anti inflammatory purposes. It has proven that eating it help in reducing inflammation. It also rich in antioxidants.