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Odlo Cool Time: 4k Run and Dance Workout

Last April I had a great active day with ODLO Cool Time in Slovakia. Who can say no to a promising fun day with a 4k Run and a Dance Workout event to test the brand new Ceramic cool line from Odlo with a group of bloggers from Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
I share with you of course how the outfit from Odlo was put to test and also to tell you a bit about the city of Bratislava.


Training Tip Tuesday: Chest and Arms

Another tip Tuesday about training is here, this time it is dedicated to sculpture the chest and arms with the great Dip movement. To be honest, there is not upper body training with out the dips in my program.

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Dynamic stretching routine at the Hofburg Palace

Incorporating a dynamic stretching before a movement practice will warm up your joints and elevate your temperature level making it easy to perform and ready to pick up extra weights for your fitness routine. And most important, it will contribute in preventing injuries.
Dynamic stretching is different from static stretching.


Flexi Friday: Stretch it out!

In the fitness and sport industry, a stretching routine is part of the training plan or fitness program, either as a warm up or a cool down, the stretching routine is there to protect the joints from injury and keep the

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Strong core, strong practice

Who a strong core has, has a strong practice. Strong core is more than exercising with crunches and sit ups or doing #plankchallenge alone. Having a strong core is having a strong practice. Whatever your sport is, Yoga,  Strength Training, Crossfit or Running you will require to have strength in your core muscles.