Recipe: Mexican cocoa paleo recipe for Valentine’s day

Hey guys! happy love day, here is a paleo heart and mouth melting recipe for Valentines. Inspired in my born country. A valentines day cannot pass by without a spicy chili chocolate. Try out this yummy recipe from paleo chef Michelle Tam, who was called from New York Times the Martha Stewart of paleo.

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Recipe: Vegan Acai Bowl

The reason why acai berries have been so trendy between the healthy foodies is because there are some researches about the great benefits the acai berries do to your body.

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Recipe: Morning Detox Tonic

If you haven’t heard of this magic tonic then it is time, if you have, but haven’t tried the recipe, then it is time! Every morning we wake up and clean up our bladder, our digestive system, our teeth but we