Habits: Life is about creating yourself

Lately I have been talking about habits. Why? Because they are super powerful, they rule you. Habits are created by repeating action. Repeating over and over. what you are believing, what you are thinking has a lot of power in what you DO.

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40 Days to Fit

Hi guys! Today I would like to present the very first challenge of Live Healthily Ever After in 2016. We start this JANUARY 11TH. The challenge was named #40daystofit Sign in to get all the info.


The Best of 2015 Recap

Today is the last day of 2015 and it feels really like it has been yesterday, really, don’t you feel the same? This year was all about mindfulness and self acceptance. I wrote less than I wanted to.


“Do not try, DO”

Don’t try Do was the first phrase I had to learn when I started taking care of my body health.
Having a fitness coach who has a mixture of Pai-Mai with Yoda way of training.