Personal trainer gets personal

This week several events happened to me, a hangover, a dog bitten and a husband immobilized by pain. It sounds not fun right?
Well, the reason I want to talk about the topic, is because I want to get personal with you. I want to tell you that sometimes healthy stuff is not happening even for the personal trainers who are the ones promoting health and wellness.

Be like water, my friend

Bruce Lee

Be like water my friend

Today I am going to talk mindset because we work like that, by thought, by mindsets in life. That is how we create our life.


Habits: Self love practice

We wrap this 40 days to fit journey with the root of everything:  Self love. Without a deep self love and acceptance what ever we construct will have a superficial power.


Habits: Move ass, mind follows

I remember in my teenage years when I was attending several seminars in self knowledge, thanks to my mom, who always wanted to facilitate me with tools about spirituality or religion, about emotional intelligence


40 days to FIT: WEEK 1

Today is the start of WEEK 1 on the #40daystofit challenge. I am so excited to start this journey with all of you. I am looking forward to hear from you and your very own experiences.