Steve Maxwell in Vienna: The interview

Steve Maxwell is one of the most respected American fitness coaches. His holistic approach is what makes him unique. Black belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and American Master of Russian Kettlebell; travels around the world to teach and coach about Breathe Techniques, Mobility Conditioning, BJJ and Strength.


Sports that lift your butt and you don’t even know it

Been a Latina, I accumulate more than enough fat in my trunk, at my age, I battle between keeping my life real and staying fit. Basically, most women like to keep their trunk together, this is the reason why LIVE HEALTHILY EVER AFTER put together 4 Sports that work great on your butt:
Sprinting, there is no secret that sprinting burns fat.


FitMonday: Hips

Today’s #fitMonday is all about the hips! Because hips don’t lie I found the right moment to check our hips out. I mean our hips are full with power.


FitMonday: Sexy back

Today I start my #fitMonday series and of course I choose the back workout exercises because I love every single one of them that I am about to share with you. For this workout I selected 3 exercises that will make your back strong and sexy: The pull-up, the one arm kettlebell row and the deadlift.