Kettlebell workout series: Push and hinge

This kettlebell workout is part of December series. The last of the year so let’s make the best of it. The workout circuit involves the push and hinge movements and will shape and tone your upper and lower body.
The push up is a classic well known for chest and triceps, we will focus in our arms keeping that body fix and engaged. Period.


FitMonday: Hips

Today’s #fitMonday is all about the hips! Because hips don’t lie I found the right moment to check our hips out. I mean our hips are full with power. We use them for almost everything, to pull, to throw, to hit, to make love…to backbend.
The chosen exercises are the turkish get up, the squat and the pistol.
The turkish get up was one of my first exercises ever.


FitMonday: Sexy back

Today I start my #fitMonday series and of course I choose the back workout exercises because I love every single one of them that I am about to share with you.


Interview with Master of Sports and Kettlebell Lifting Coach: Gregor Sobocan

First time I met Gregor Sobocan; 2009 WKC Champion, Master of Sports and Kettlebell Lifting Coach; was in a friend’s opening Crossfit Box, he was accompanied by his sister and another athletes under his tutelage. I noticed his focused personality, very quite and strong man. Three years later we met again, he agreed to do the interview for the blog. I was so happy to hear that.