Home workout for killer legs

Loving this home workout combo for toning and strengthen the legs with kettlebells and body weight. This simple workout targets the legs in different angles, make sure you feel all the movements, apply the mindfulness to the session and you will have results.


Kettlebells: American style, Hard style or Competition style?

If you know me already, you know I am in love with kettlebells. Like love crush type of. Really! I love them so much that I miss them when I betray them for a barbell. Kettlebells were the ones that initiated me into the world of fitness and strength. The rhythm I get with them is like we are one. Kettlebell lovers will know what I am talking about.

I started to do RKC aka Hardstyle.


FitMonday: Hips

Today’s #fitMonday is all about the hips! Because hips don’t lie I found the right moment to check our hips out. I mean our hips are full with power.


FitMonday: Sexy back

Today I start my #fitMonday series and of course I choose the back workout exercises because I love every single one of them that I am about to share with you.


Interview with Master of Sports World Class: Tadja Sobocan

Tadja Sobocan is a beautiful kettlebell athlete, Master of Sports World Class in Long Cycle with world record 104 reps, 24kgs. Tadja, with a charming, hard working personality, has accomplished several titles as an athlete and as a professional. Master in Economics and Master of Sports in a very young age. I met Tadja for the second time in Vienna.