Mobility routine: I feel alive when I move

I just watched Ido Portal’s just move movie by London Real TV and by watching the practices and listening Brian narrating his perspective I felt connected. Suddenly, eureka, I felt again: This is it. I remember the first time I talked to Ido, he gave me an interview that obviously he guided and made it valuable. While we were talking, he asked about me and my life.

Be like water, my friend

Bruce Lee

Be like water my friend

Today I am going to talk mindset because we work like that, by thought, by mindsets in life. That is how we create our life.


Interview with Speed Climbing Champion: Steffi Pichler

Sundays ago I had a great brunch with the fastest speed climbing girl from Austria, Steffi Pichler. Since it was a hot day we wanted to have a big meal in a comfort place, we chose Strandbar Hermann because of the idea of brunching with barefoot on the sand. We stepped in to check out their organic breakfast;  soon we noticed it was not enough food to fulfill our hunger.