Fitness routine: HIIT Leg Workout Circuit

Another fitness routine for you today! This time is all about High Intensity Interval Training focused in a leg workout circuit.
How many essays have to be written to describe that a squat is a natural movement that we learn as we were babies, we rolled, we squat and we get up.

Be like water, my friend

Bruce Lee

Be like water my friend

Today I am going to talk mindset because we work like that, by thought, by mindsets in life. That is how we create our life.

Live life dynamically. Move. More


My impressions on Ido Portal’s Corset Protocol

This weekend I had a very educational and spiritual time. I spent 16 hours getting to know myself thru every plane of my joints. I attended Ido Portal’s Corset- Total Body Protocol workshop in Vienna and I had several impressions and realizations that I would like to share with you.