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My impressions on Ido Portal’s Motion

Last Sunday, by this time, I was almost finishing an amazing 16 hours of self-rediscover and movement practice. I attended the first Motion workshop in Vienna by Ido Portal and his team.
After a year of the Corset Protocol I was ready to digest more information about my body, movement and myself.

Be like water, my friend

Bruce Lee

Be like water my friend

Today I am going to talk mindset because we work like that, by thought, by mindsets in life. That is how we create our life.

Live life dynamically. Move. More


My impressions on Ido Portal’s Corset Protocol

This weekend I had a very educational and spiritual time. I spent 16 hours getting to know myself thru every plane of my joints. I attended Ido Portal’s Corset- Total Body Protocol workshop in Vienna and I had several impressions and realizations that I would like to share with you.