Fitness in a bowl recipes

Eating in a bowl is the new black. I know, I know, I might misused the play of words. But you get the idea. To eat in a bowl has become trendy, I guess for its functionality, everything in one plate.
I, myself like to eat very quick and practical that I do not care about the looks as much as other bloggers do. I find the recipes super easy to make and totally healthy and  satisfying.


Recipe: Mexican cocoa paleo recipe for Valentine’s day

Hey guys! happy love day, here is a paleo heart and mouth melting recipe for Valentines. Inspired in my born country. A valentines day cannot pass by without a spicy chili chocolate. Try out this yummy recipe from paleo chef Michelle Tam, who was called from New York Times the Martha Stewart of paleo.


Healthy recipes for 2017 that you must try

Don’t you find yourself sometimes running out of healthy food recipe ideas? It happens to me often, maybe it is because most of the recipes take to long and have so many ingredients or maybe because most of them are to high on carbs. Reasons why these healthy recipes for 2017 will be a great option.