Fitness tips: Staying fit while traveling

When you travel alone, staying fit feels easy and on point. When you travel in groups it might be a bit challenging. Here are some tips:
You are probably wondering, how dear you gonna write what you eat and do if you are in travel, your priorities might be leisure and entertainment.

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My Impressions on Movement Therapy: The Ilan Lev Method

The first time I heard about Movement as a therapy was more than a decade ago when I met a great altruist woman who was doing a project in the city I used to live in the north of Mexico. She talked about the five elements Movement Therapy and shared her project which it was dedicated for seniors. I had my first semi private experience thanks to her and I felt great letting go and liberating.


21 Day Move Project is on!

I’m excited that you join me for 21 days in a row to make our body more flexible and strong. the reason why I created this 21 day Move project it is because most of us happen to have a very busy life.