Steve Maxwell in Vienna: The interview

Steve Maxwell is one of the most respected American fitness coaches. His holistic approach is what makes him unique. Black belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and American Master of Russian Kettlebell; travels around the world to teach and coach about Breathe Techniques, Mobility Conditioning, BJJ and Strength.

A mover is never depressed

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My impressions on Ido Portal’s Motion

Last Sunday, by this time, I was almost finishing an amazing 16 hours of self-rediscover and movement practice. I attended the first Motion workshop in Vienna by Ido Portal and his team.
After a year of the Corset Protocol I was ready to digest more information about my body, movement and myself.

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Workout Wednesday: Ginastica Natural Austria

Ginastica Natural is a practice that combine Yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and animal movements. This method is been around  the world for almost 3 decades. Alvaro Romano is the creator of this simple and effective workout method that keeps your body yet strong and flexible.