Yoga these days is a natural high- Manju Jois Interview

Interviewing Manju Jois was a great experience. Manju is the oldest son of Pattabhi Jois, the father of Asthanga Yoga. He started to practice yoga when he was a kid. Manju always shares the moments when he as a kid used to secretly observe guruji on the mornings practice. I had the fortune to spend a week again with Manju in his yearly visit to Vienna for Teacher Training.


FitMonday: Hips

Today’s #fitMonday is all about the hips! Because hips don’t lie I found the right moment to check our hips out. I mean our hips are full with power.

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Cacao Truffels Recipe

Cacao Truffels are my fav snack in a rainy day, these round cuties are so easy to make and are full of energy! No wonder why some people call them “energy balls”, but in this case ar