Connection Body Pain & Emotions

Are you curious about your body pains and how they are related to what you feel?
Now days we are used to carry on our daily life as we are Super Humans, of course we are. The different is that, to be a Super Human is also to listen what your body is telling you. This Infographic: Connection Body Pain and Emotions will tell you maybe in two simple and clear lines what is all about.

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Paleo Lebkuchen

You know christmas is around the corner when you see the Lebkuchen (Xmas cookies) everywhere.
This weekend I was at Sonnentor organic shop getting my matcha, when I saw this delicious Lebkuchen! aka gingerbread cookies.


Happy spring days

Oh Spring! I never thought that I will be enjoying so much of these shinny cool days, coming from a 11 months hot place I cannot  remember getting these change of weather feelings!
This pic I took last weekend after we