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Fitness tips: Ball slams therapy

Since I landed in America I have been having a bit of a struggle adapting to a different lifestyle, a different way of living and eating. Long distances, cities full of SAD food and gyms crowed with machines. I finally found a proper place to train strength and conditioning with weights. I thought that the topic of emotional therapy will fit perfectly in my next blogpost.


Fitness routine: HIIT Leg Workout Circuit

Another fitness routine for you today! This time is all about High Intensity Interval Training focused in a leg workout circuit.
How many essays have to be written to describe that a squat is a natural movement that we learn as we were babies, we rolled, we squat and we get up.


Designing your own core training: Plank knees to elbow

There are so many benefits when using plank exercises for building core strength, when you use it properly in your training plan.
Core strength is needed in every sport. You need to build a strong core for functional reasons. There are different core training for different athletes, fitness enthusiasts, yoga or movement practitioners.