A mover is never depressed

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My impressions on Ido Portal’s Motion

Last Sunday, by this time, I was almost finishing an amazing 16 hours of self-rediscover and movement practice. I attended the first Motion workshop in Vienna by Ido Portal and his team.
After a year of the Corset Protocol I was ready to digest more information about my body, movement and myself.


Kettlebell workout series: Abs and legs

Abs and legs are today’s kettlebell workout as an option to your fitness routine.
All you need is your body weight and a single kettlebell or some heavy tool for you to perform when you do the goblet squats. This is the second week of the series and it is dedicated to the core and legs.
15 minutes of your time.

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Strong core, strong practice

Who a strong core has, has a strong practice. Strong core is more than exercising with crunches and sit ups or doing #plankchallenge alone. Having a strong core is having a strong practice. Whatever your sport is, Yoga,  Strength Training, Crossfit or Running you will require to have strength in your core muscles.