Tip Tuesday: Last minute fitness gift guide for her & him

Every holiday season, I must say, I get a bit stress in what to give for a gift, I was never prepared in advance to get cool gifts. I am no master of giving stuff in a celebration day unless it is related to fitness gifts. I do not why I get so excited when I go shopping I always end up in a sport store checking out the new fitness gears, and silly trends we all buy by the ws lol.


My impressions on Raw food: Victoria Boutenko

When I just moved to Austria, I had the opportunity to be a raw foodist for half a year. My hubby got me all the un cooking tools to facilitate the process. I have in the kitchen the vitamix, the cold pressed green juice and the biggest version of the dehydrator from excalibur.

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Urban leg workout training

Today is another Monday and is dedicated to the lower body. Nowdays, we might find boring have a workout inside a box call it gym, call it Crossfit box, call it yoga studio. Outdoor workout gets popular every summer.

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#Foreverfierce like a Puma

The first time I ever sprinted I tell you, I felt like a puma, days before I saw this beautiful documentary where I saw this American (Continent) creature run. I believe that is why Sportwear brand Puma has chosen these cool trendy mottos #Foreverfierce and #Foreverfaster.