Ways to handle your food cravings

Well let’s talk about food and cravings. We all have food cravings at some point, right?
I remember I always had cravings when I was a teen and when I was emotional unbalanced. I still do. Reason why I want to educate myself more and more about the stages of life and how important is nutrition for the health and fitness journey.


Sunday stretching: Warrior series sequence

Sunday could be a great day for your fitness stretching routine. This Sunday is all about been a warrior your own. We are warriors in life fighting for a better life, a better job a better self. These warrior series sequence is about eradicating your own ignorance and cultivating strength and courage. That is why I believe is a great sequence for your Sunday stretch.

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Urban leg workout training

Today is another Monday and is dedicated to the lower body. Nowdays, we might find boring have a workout inside a box call it gym, call it Crossfit box, call it yoga studio. Outdoor workout gets popular every summer. I love training at the calisthenics parks in Vienna and my own park.