Reasons Why you Should be Doing YOGA as a Fighter

Watching you lately and closely my fighter fellows, moved me to enlist some reasons why you should be doing YOGA as a fighter, the funny thing is that we all are fighters and even if you do not practice boxing, bjj, judo, muay thai, and so. You will be easily related to the list.
➡ Flexibility: Definitely having a flexible body will help you in getting takedowns and defending them.

Food, Recipes

Paleo Marzipan

Ok guys, I have to confess that Lebkuchen and Marzipan are my fav dessert of the christmas holiday season. They have the right flavor, not to sugary and you can find them in any advent/christmas market in Vienna.


Weight Loss: The secret

December, the last month of the year has arrived and everybody at least has one wish or goal to reach for the new year regarding fitness, nutrition…loosing what was eaten with the social approval of the “holi