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Gluten Free Sweet Potatoes Cupcakes

Cupcakes are famous for the softy spongy texture, they can come with different flavors and colors. Gluten Free Cupcakes do not have to be different. I tried different flours to make it as spongy and tasty as possible; been a Gluten Free cupcake special. I decided to use a mixture of almond flour with coconut flour, and add a touch of India, using sonnentor Chai tea…Thanks to my beloved one, I got the perfect secret to make unbelievable delicious: 3 levels of homemade vodka jam…Yes I said homemade vodka jam. But you just can add your favorite jam 😉 my will be chilli jam.


When is time to cook I always look for 3 things: Tasty, Sustainable and Easy. Even though this recipe has more than 5 ingredients. It is worth to invest my time when I am in the urge to have some sweet for breakfast or dessert.




So here is the recipe:

2 sweet potatoes

3 eggs

1tsp vanilla

1C coconut flour

1C almond flour

1C coconut oil

1tsp chai species

1C dates or raw honey

1 ripe banana

1tsp baking soda

pinch of salt


Because I am not chef and taking measures is not my gig anymore since years ago, I go with the feeling more less, but I will try to remember what I add…


Mix all the dry ingredients and then mix all the liquid ingredients together, place them on the cupcakes and cook for 30 minutes on a 180-200°C


Hope you have enjoyed as me these delicious cupcakes free of gluten. With a bit of taste of India. Remember to add your favorite jam for an extra taste. 🙂



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