Kettlebell workout series: Full body fitness routine

Today you will get full body fitness routine in this kettlebell workout series.
Mentally you will need determination and focus and will need a kettlebell as a workout tool or any other weight that will work as such. Also a dumbbell will do it.
15 minutes of your time.
The kettlebell clean and press is a very popular compound move.

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Tip Tuesday: The pull up

Oh the glorious pull up move. The move that some love, some hate and some desperate need. This tip Tuesday we get into the pull up, one of the basic human movements we would have to master, or at least pull it thru.

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Warm up with plyomethrics

If you have experienced what jumping jacks does to you, great, you know what I am talking about. I use this easy space saving exercise normally as a warm up before my strength training routine.

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Urban leg workout training

Today is another Monday and is dedicated to the lower body. Nowdays, we might find boring have a workout inside a box call it gym, call it Crossfit box, call it yoga studio. Outdoor workout gets popular every summer.