Kettlebell workout series: Push and hinge

This kettlebell workout is part of December series. The last of the year so let’s make the best of it. The workout circuit involves the push and hinge movements and will shape and tone your upper and lower body.
The push up is a classic well known for chest and triceps, we will focus in our arms keeping that body fix and engaged. Period.

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Tip Tuesday: The pull up

Oh the glorious pull up move. The move that some love, some hate and some desperate need. This tip Tuesday we get into the pull up, one of the basic human movements we would have to master, or at least pull it thru.

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Warm up with plyomethrics

If you have experienced what jumping jacks does to you, great, you know what I am talking about. I use this easy space saving exercise normally as a warm up before my strength training routine.