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Wanderlust Vienna: Get Fit for the triathlon (GIVE AWAY)

The popular Wanderlust has made it to Vienna. The festival this year is happening also in Vienna and it is all about mindful running, yoga and meditation. I find the combo so great, starting early in the morning with a 5k Run following with a 75 minutes yoga in the open air of the Augarten Park, to cool down and close the triathlon with a 30 minutes meditation.

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Fitness routine: Dumbbell thursters-burpees workout

Sunday afternoon I decided to give you an amazing workout for your fitness routine of this week: Dumbbell thursters and…burpees. These two insane moves will make you strong, shredded and they will make you sweat like hell. They will improve your core stability and strength.
Dumbbell thursters work major leg muscles and arms.