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Chronicle of a #HandstandDay foretold

Handstand practitioners all around the world celebrated yesterday the #HandstandDay by posting their handstands in social media. This motivated me to write about a Chronicle of a Handstand in Vienna foretold. Yuval on Hands has been in Vienna for two years in a row and he is coming back to Vienna at the end of the year to teach, guide and correct our Handstands.


Habits: Self love practice

We wrap this 40 days to fit journey with the root of everything:  Self love. Without a deep self love and acceptance what ever we construct will have a superficial power.

Events, Fitness

40 Days to Fit

Hi guys! Today I would like to present the very first challenge of Live Healthily Ever After in 2016. We start this JANUARY 11TH. The challenge was named #40daystofit Sign in to get all the info.