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THE AUTHOR || I’m Angie a healthy living and fitness blogger based in Vienna, Austria. I graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education with a (Mag.) degree in International Relations in the north of Mexico, where I was born and raised. I am a certified flexibility and strength coach. Between teaching flexibility and coaching human movements, I am passionate about health & wellness.

THE BLOG || Live Healthily Ever After is a platform where fitness, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle are approached by showcasing successful athletes from different sports and schools of movement. I share part of my healthy living and fitness training. Thank you for stopping and welcome! Here you will find: Healthy food | Workouts | Flexi Sequences | Interviews with international athletes, coaches and masters of sports and movement.

LOVES || Flower essence, coconut water & oil, matcha & chai tea, doing smurf parade with my beloved ones, brunches, happy music, family BBQ’s, top chef show, cotton, fair trade cashmere, comedian shows, brave hearted people.

OVER IT || Soda, nutella, driving a car, expensive bags, excessive make-up, hangovers, fake attitudes, high heels, white sugar, perfume, air conditioners, office work.

THE STORY Currently I offer strength and flexibility sessions.

CONTACT || hello@angiefliehser.com



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