The 21-Day Movement Project is designed by Live Healthily Ever After to develop mobility in the body, create an active living habit and nourish with the right diet to support joints mobility and health. This is the last project of the year so let’s get together to build the flexibility that your body needs to perform a better sport practice. or fitness program.

Why you should do this?
1.- Because It is completely FREE
2.- Because you want to have strong and flexible body
3.- Because you want to perform better in your sport
4.- Because you want to feel good and look good
What would you get?
+ Weekly meal plan to increase mobility in the body
+ Weekly movement workout program to increase mobility in the body
+ Once a week group movement training meeting in Vienna in a specific sport
We will meet in different environments and expose ourselves to discover the world of movement thru the following sports:
+ Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu
+ Gymnastica Natural  
+ Kettlebell Training
Starts: October 31th.
Ends: November 20th.
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