Tamara Levinson MovMeant Vienna

A week has past since we were moving with Tamara Levinson! I was so excited to bring her to Vienna, I yearned for the MovMeant therapy so much that last year I tried to have it but it was not yet the time.

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We all EVOlve

We all evolve. I started moving my body in a regular basis late in life. The most comfortable way to start was Hatha Yoga which is considered not really moving.


International Women’s Day: #IWD2018

Today is a day to reflect on international and personal peace. The human race has evolved in so many aspects; technology and science, those male aspects and energy has conquered our existence in this planet. This is the reason why I stop today and write about how important the female energy is in this time of evolution. We have developed machines and tools to make life easier.

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Fitness routine: Core strength with gymnastic rings at Evo

This blog post is the first of 2018, I am excited and feeling a bit warm in my heart, I thought it will be pretty nice to share an awesome fitness routine with gymnastic rings for core strength.
  The couple months I have them dedicated to my Instagram handle; I even joined #30dayyogaliving leaded by Kino Yoga and his online company Omstars. I add this short practices to my hypertrophy training.