Building Stronger glutes

I know glute workouts are all over the social media mostly promoted by already gifted butts. I am writing this blog post on reasons why we need to build stronger glutes.
Reason number one is health, a strong glute will hold the pelvis area. A strong glute will keep the sciatic nerve healthy and a strong glute will support the spine.
Reason number 2 is sports, we should thank the Sr.


Tamara Levinson MovMeant Vienna

A week has past since we were moving with Tamara Levinson! I was so excited to bring her to Vienna, I yearned for the MovMeant therapy so much that last year I tried to have it but it was not yet the time.

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We all EVOlve

We all evolve. I started moving my body in a regular basis late in life. The most comfortable way to start was Hatha Yoga which is considered not really moving.


Steve Maxwell in Vienna: The interview

Steve Maxwell is one of the most respected American fitness coaches. His holistic approach is what makes him unique. Black belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and American Master of Russian Kettlebell; travels around the world to teach and coach about Breathe Techniques, Mobility Conditioning, BJJ and Strength.


Strong body, strong yoga practice

Who hasn’t have sweated the first time doing a sun salutation yoga sequence? You are not alone in this, most of us struggle with strength or flexibility. I remember when I arrived to Vienna, Austria, my fitness skills where below beginner, I never had strong body so could I expected to have a strong practice.